Procise Dx

Brand architecture + product brand creation + assets.

establishing a new platform

Prometheus Laboratories, a leader in gastrointestinal diagnostics and a subsidiary of Nestlé Health Science, developed a new rapid, point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platform that provides lab-quality results to healthcare providers within 5 minutes. As this product diverged from lab services offered by Prometheus, Audacity needed to help define its position within the portfolio and then create a strong brand to appeal to both professional and consumer audiences.

  • analytics

  • strategy

  • creative


a precise new identity

Our brand architecture analysis landed this instrument squarely within the Prometheus portfolio, carving out a new vertical for testing products (as opposed to services). We were then able to create and name the new brand, ProciseDx. In defining this new identity, we balanced Prometheus past branding conventions while embracing its future potential — bringing lab precision to point-of-care and beyond.

brand strategy + expression

bringing testing to point-of-care

ProciseDx’s innovative technology shined through in the core brand story and messaging, highlighting the benefits this POC platform could provide. We created a modern, fresh visual expression to match this futuristic offering and brought the technology’s attributes of speed, accuracy, and ease-of use to the forefront.

brand refresh

a new brandmark

ProciseDx is the proprietary combination of pro” from both Prometheus” and professional” plus precise”. We designed the new brandmark to incorporate visual elements of a checkmark, which represents ease of use and accuracy, and the dot”, carried over from other Prometheus brands. Together this combination becomes a patient with arms outstretched in celebration.

Procise logo
Procise logo
CMYK: 76, 12, 0, 14
RGB: 53, 193, 219
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RGB: 51, 70, 154
CMYK: 0, 100, 41, 8
RGB: 235, 0, 139
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RGB: 255, 199, 47
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RGB: 226, 32, 82
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Brandguide 1
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ProciseDx Arrives

To activate this new brand through collateral, we needed to feature the sleek, compact, easy-to-use device that complimented the core visual identity we had developed. Custom photography leveraged its high-tech design throughout product materials and user guides. Vibrant banners and signs matched the bright potential of this proven point-of-care solution that goes beyond diagnostics.