Corporate brand strategy + activation.

creating a buzz

BlueBee had the audacity to build a genomics data analysis platform that enhances the value and global reach of novel genomic technologies. But to reach the next step of commercialization, they needed to resolve ongoing market confusion about their platform’s value and raise awareness of their corporate brand. This added buzz would help customers better understand BlueBee’s offering and convey how they’re cultivating possibilities in genomics to accelerate discoveries and advance precision medicine.

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a wise approach

We set our brand revitalization solution in motion — delivering a corporate brand strategy and creative concept that articulated the value of BlueBee’s platform with wisdom, cleverness and intelligence. We succinctly distilled the story of what they do, a feat that their team had been pursuing for over 5 years. We then expressed that vision across key brand experiences. Their goal was to make a big splash at AGBT — which they certainly did, as they attracted the interest of Illumina who acquired them shortly after.

Bluebee devices
big idea

we brought the bird to the bees

Because BlueBee provides production-ready genomics data analysis solutions that can be tailored to customer’s needs, they’re a different animal. And a wise one at that. Their highly secure framework lets genomics companies focus on their innovations, while BlueBee focuses on the success of their customers and end-users worldwide. To represent the wisdom of depending on the BlueBee platform to ensure your commercial success, we brought in the wisest animal of them all — an owl.

Bluebee before
Bluebee after
Bluebee before
Bluebee after
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Brandguide 1
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