Medtronic Microstream Capnography

Product brand revitalization + creative concept + campaign.

a market share rip current

Medtronic’s Microstream™ capnography monitoring products help to improve the lives of the more than 90 million patients at risk of respiratory compromise every year. In the Fall of 2017, a key technology patent was expiring, enabling competitors to erode market share. To prepare for this patent expiration, Medtronic needed to revitalize its Microstream product line to secure brand loyalty.

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a breath of fresh air

Audacity’s brand revitalization repositioned Medtronic Microstream strategically by developing a new brand strategy platform that dove into their advantages of not only being highly sensitive, but also highly specific. This brand strategy set the foundation for a creative concept that brought their differentiators to life in an emotionally connecting way. Once completed, a fully integrated, multi-channel media campaign was activated that included videos, print and digital ads and a dedicated landing page.

The results?
Medtronic experienced increased month-over-month traffic to Microstream’s campaign landing page and achieved a creative click-through rate 2x higher than historic campaigns.

big idea

a watchful eye in a sea of patients

Medtronic’s core competitive advantage was that its integrated system of products raised accurate alarms at the earliest sign of trouble, while reducing alarms that were clinically insignificant. Audacity brought this to life in an emotionally engaging concept to convey that in a sea of patients, Microstream helps clinicians focus on the ones who need help.

Medtronic Icon Set 01

Medtronic Icon Set 02

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Medtronic Icon Set 06


visuals catching the wave of emotion

Audacity followed Medtronic corporate brand guidelines to create custom iconography that was used throughout the campaign to showcase the various components of Microstream’s integrated system. This served to emphasize the important role that each component played to deliver the full value of the complete Microstream system.