CARR Biosystems

Brand development + visual expression + website strategy and design.

crafting a pioneering presence

CARR Centritech, a sub-division of Pneumatic Scale Angelus, a Barry Wehmiller company, was poised to become an independent brand. To support their launch, they needed a thoughtfully crafted, impactful brand package, from a new name to an engaging website. We worked to craft a new identity that reflects their status as leading, best-in-class providers of bioprocessing centrifuges, and CARR Biosystems was born.

  • brand development

  • visual expression

  • website strategy

  • website design


a new vision

Audacity worked closely with CARR Biosystems to select this new name, establish their strategic positioning, create a visually striking look and feel, and craft sales, marketing, and educational materials.

building the new brand

pioneering progress in bioprocessing

To guide the usage of this new brand, Audacity developed guidelines for CARR Biosystems, including for their new wordmark and design mark, color palette, fonts and iconography.

Logo Horizontal
Logo Stacked
Logo Horizontal
Logo Stacked
CMYK: 22, 11, 0, 64
RGB: 71, 81, 91
CMYK: 100, 28, 0, 65
RGB: 0, 64, 89
deep blue
CMYK: 96, 32, 0, 51
RGB: 5, 86, 126
CMYK: 0, 59, 84, 0
RGB: 255, 105, 40
light orange
CMYK: 0, 38, 77, 4
RGB: 244, 152, 56
CMYK: 100, 0, 5, 30
RGB: 0, 178, 169
CMYK: 25, 0, 93, 29
RGB: 136, 181, 12
Brandguide 1
Brandguide 2
Brandguide 3
Brandguide 4
Brandguide 5
Brandguide 6
Brandguide 1
Brandguide 2
Brandguide 3
Brandguide 4
Brandguide 5
Brandguide 6


Frame 399
Frame 400
Frame 399 1
ease of use
Frame 399 2
small footprint

designing intuitive sales tools

We used the updated CARR Biosystems branding to create easy-to-use, cohesive, and bold marketing, sales, and educational and thought leadership tools such as product flyers and a white paper.

Photoshoot 2
website design + development

establishing a digital footprint

We took a strategic approach to planning their new website, carefully creating the hierarchy of their site map to optimize user experience, iterating wireframes, and designing a completely new digital solution that enables each customer segment to choose the cell separation solution that meets their unique needs.