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moving beyond tissue-based testing

While Foundation Medicine is well known for their tissue-based CGP test, FoundationOne®, many oncologists were unaware of their liquid biopsy CGP offering, FoundationOne® Liquid. Not only that, oncologists did not believe the category of liquid testing was equivalent to tissue testing. Foundation Medicine needed to demonstrate that their blood-based test could be just as reliable and accurate — without requiring a tissue biopsy, which is not only invasive, but not always a viable option.

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liquid test, solid answers

Audacity supported the launch of FoundationOne’s liquid biopsy test by showcasing the high concordance of blood-based CGP with their tissue-based test. We then pulled the liquid test, solid answers concept through print and digital media, optimized for community and academic oncologists as well as pathologists and nurses.

In the first three months, the initial campaign gained over 27.7 million impressions. And with a CTR of 0.3%, 3x higher than expected, we delivered over 1,000 leads in this time frame.

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bringing our A game

Gold winner of a MUSE creative award

MUSE Creative Site Bages Gold web
MUSE Creative Site Bages Gold web

setting the foundation with one partner

This campaign was so successful that Audacity was asked to extend the creative concept to encompass their overall CGP testing portfolio. We built the corporate concept around a central theme: set a strong foundation with ONE reliable partner with all the testing options their patient might need, and ONE proven portfolio of tests + services.


genomic profiling that revolves around the patient

We also extended this concept to FoundationOne® CDx, Foundation Medicine’s flagship tissue-based CGP test. Our creative extended our warm, patient-centric approach, tying the comprehensiveness of the test to the patient care experience. We explained how more complete coverage from just ONE test ensures oncologists have all the genomic insights necessary to uncover the best treatment options for their patient.


for success

Each concept leveraged diverse, empowered, patient imagery, surrounded by a broad list of actionable genes that are included on the FoundationOne panels. This campaign ran for over 18 months, using copy that was tailored for events and specific cancer types as needed. We delivered a broad range of beautifully designed deliverables with tremendous success to further extend their market leadership position.

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