Brand revitalization + name generation + website + product launch.

repositioning for success

Biodesix came to Audacity in 2018 with a need to refresh their corporate brand messaging and creative to convey their leadership status in lung cancer diagnostics. They also needed support in introducing a new product to the market that was able to rule-out malignancy for patients with incidental lung nodules through a simple blood draw.

  • analytics

  • strategy

  • creative

  • website design


answers to improve patient outcomes

We worked with Biodesix on the corporate and product level to develop new brand stories and stakeholder messaging platforms that would form the strategic foundation of their refreshed brand. We then used those insights for a brand creation project, developing a name and visual identity for their new test, as well as cohesive creative concepts for the company and test.

Big idea

personalizing multiomics

On the corporate level, we developed a concept that leveraged the shape of lungs as a framing device, showcasing the personalized multiomic approach that Biodesix enables. The lungs are filled with the shapes of protein structures and interwoven double DNA helices, hinting at the scientific backbone of their technology.

On the product level, we developed the name Nodify Lung®, which plays on several layers: the test assesses lung nodules, it is used to notify care providers of illness, and it also rules out cancer, making it a yes or no” test. We then brought the brand to life with a creative concept that reveals the power of proteomics.

Lung concepts 3
the next challenge

evolving an established brand

Biodesix returned to Audacity in 2021 with a new challenge. While Biodesix had developed strong brand recognition as a lung cancer diagnostics solutions company, they had since worked to expand their offerings to include more disease states. Audacity worked to develop a creative concept showcasing how this expanded approach could help bring personalized care to even more patients.

Biodesix concepts 3
a new identity for a new brand phase

moving beyond lung cancer

We helped Biodesix reposition itself as a company that partners with biopharma companies, taking a multiomic approach to assess the most challenging disease states. We then applied this new, expanded strategic direction to a new product, naming and developing a brand strategy and identity for IQLung™. This new product uses multiple biomarker classes to provide a broader view of each patient’s disease state, helping to expedite treatment initiation at any stage of their disease.

Biodesix vis expression
Dark Purple
CMYK: 51, 68, 0, 43
RGB: 71, 47, 146
Light Blue
CMYK: 100, 29, 0, 18
RGB: 0, 147, 208
CMYK: 17, 70, 0, 44
RGB: 120, 43, 144
CMYK: 0, 70, 53, 6
RGB: 239, 72, 112
CMYK: 88, 0, 0, 36
RGB: 19, 164, 164
CMYK: 32, 0, 65, 26
RGB: 127, 188, 66
a redesigned web presence

extending digital capabilities

This expanded scope required rethinking their digital presence. We helped Biodesix build out a reorganized website structure that both clearly laid out the new information flow, and made room for the new partnership opportunities they were seeking.