dei statement

Audacity Health intentionally fosters a professional community that:

  • seeks and embraces vast perspectives and experiences
  • commits to the principle of equity for all
  • encourages and values the input and participation of every mind

We champion the importance of supporting members of structural and societal groups affected by bias and inequality, including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, education, family status, country of origin, citizenship status, ability, religion, gender and sexuality.

To fulfill this mission, Audacity Health seeks to nurture the exploration and expression of self and group identities while cultivating empathy and respect for differences. Our aim is to promote critical thinking skills about bias and inequality, and encourage individual and group efforts to identify and stand against discrimination. We believe ongoing initiatives through the Audacity Health DEI committee will further support this mission.

Being fearlessly human is a fundamental value at Audacity Health. We build powerful brands by ensuring that the human element is central to everything we create. Our clients become market leaders through these human-to-human” brand strategies. But unleashing the human is not just what we do — it’s how we work and thrive.

At Audacity Health, we want to validate and lift up the unique human experience of every person. By optimizing inclusive practices, we strive to create a healthier environment for all stakeholders: employees, management, investors, clients, and ultimately, the humans who we reach.

You deserve to be your authentic self at work, and everywhere. And we hope to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment, so together we can create — and live — in a fearlessly human world.

by Audacity Team