antimicrobial resistance fighter coalition

Website strategy + design + social engagement.

raising awareness for a global cause

The Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition (ARFC) was seeking a new wow” website to educate and raise awareness about antimicrobial resistance. A major goal for the global initiative was encouraging others to join by sharing their story about antimicrobial resistance and its impact in their lives, but their previous website was built on a restrictive template that couldn’t accommodate their organization as it grew. Already affiliated with numerous individuals, healthcare professionals, researchers, organizations, and world leaders, the ARFC needed better digital tools to help them scale.

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a unified resource for all

Audacity leveraged its digital prowess to deliver a beautiful and compelling website that amplified ARFC’s battle cry against antimicrobial resistance, showing how every person can help combat the problem. Using multiple languages in the header, an interactive map showing the locations of its members, and a scalable stories section that was optimized for digital pages, this new site showcased the growth and global nature of the organization.

Bd resistance devices
big idea

unbranded initiative:
a message for all

An additional challenge was that this unbranded initiative is associated with the medical technology company Becton Dickinson. The website design needed to respectfully complement the BD corporate branding while being distinctly ownable for this separate entity. To accomplish this, our design adopted a few key elements of the BD corporate brand with a fresh twist for this bold initiative. The underlying concept is that ALL of us need to be resistance fighters.

CMYK: 78, 53, 0, 73
RGB: 15, 32, 68
cobalt blue
CMYK: 79, 54, 0, 41
RGB: 31, 69, 150
Pacific blue
CMYK: 62, 6, 0, 18
RGB: 80, 197, 210
caribbean green
CMYK: 93, 0, 11, 29
RGB: 13, 180, 161
light salmon
CMYK: 0, 27, 39, 3
RGB: 247, 181, 150
Fiery Rose
CMYK: 0, 70, 60, 11
RGB: 227, 67, 90
Bd resistance fighter icon1

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Social campaign

ongoing engagement

To promote engagement with the ARFC, we embarked on an organic social media campaign sharing interesting educational and engaging materials across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.