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a distinctly new type of drug delivery

Cybrexa was gearing up to announce their first clinical candidate for their proprietary peptide platform which could selectively deliver cancer therapeutics to tumor cells while sparing the damage to normal, healthy cells. Internally, they had begun to refer to their products as tumor-specific drugs,” but in the industry, this term could easily be confused with targeted therapies. A new brand was needed to showcase not just how this innovative and powerful technology works, but most importantly why it matters.

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a safer platform with benefits to all

Cybrexa’s platform needed to differentiate from both non-selective small molecule drugs and large biologic targeted therapies as well as emphasize how it could revitalize known cancer therapeutics that may have toxicity issues when used non-selectively. We leveraged our scientific and branding expertise to create a new brand strategy and name for this platform, as well as built a human-forward corporate website to establish a powerful digital presence not just for investors and strategic partners, but also for healthcare professionals and patients.

Cybrexa about page laptop
big idea

putting the flex in alphalex’

The peptides in Cybrexa’s delivery technology are flexible, having the ability to form an alpha helix in the low pH tumor microenvironments. This enables greater cell penetration, targeted drug delivery to tumor cells, and more flexible therapeutic options for patients. To give a unique name to this platform, Audacity leaned into these properties of the peptides themselves while also balancing likeability and memorability. Alpha helix + pH + flex = alphalex.



Audacity refreshed Cybrexa’s brand with human-centered imagery, a new set of vibrant accent colors, modern typography, and custom iconography.

celtic blue
CMYK: 100, 51, 0, 14
RGB: 0, 108, 219
soft lime
CMYK: 20, 0, 19, 0
RGB: 204, 254, 205
cool mint
CMYK: 79, 0, 12, 24
RGB: 41, 194, 171
soft teal
CMYK: 88, 14, 0, 19
RGB: 24, 179, 207
dark blue
CMYK: 100, 79, 0, 56
RGB: 0, 24, 113
dark teal
CMYK: 94, 25, 0, 37
RGB: 9, 120, 160