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launching the first of its kind

Inscripta had the audacity to inspire and enable new biology. They harnessed the power of genome engineering technologies to positively change the world — giving users the ability to design, engineer, and analyze complex cell libraries with a single, easy-to-use platform. But to gain awareness they needed to translate their highly technical offering into corporate and product brands that are understandable but also inspirational to both scientists and the general public.


bold and inspiring, yet responsible

With great power comes endless possibility. And responsibility. So, we took a lot of care to be bold and inspiring but also to clearly articulate responsibility. We leveraged our brand creation solution to deliver brand strategy, stakeholder messaging, and visual expression at both the corporate and product levels, as well as a brand name and creative concept at the product level. We provided brand experiences that conveyed the awe and excitement of genome engineering while reinforcing the seriousness with which Inscripta takes the implications of their powerful technology.

big idea

bringing it all together

Because the Onyx platform makes high-throughput genome engineering benchtop accessible and push-button-easy, it enables researchers to be the first to discover — helping to advance their individual research goals while contributing to the collective advancement of ground-breaking science. The letters in first” are composed of many smaller letters in various fonts, symbolizing cell libraries for phenotypic screens.

midnight blue
C 100 M 99 Y 9 K 8
R 44 G 45 B 128
R 71 G 41 B 114
C 88 M 100 Y 21 K 11
deep wine
C 33 M 94 Y 36 K 7
R 166 G 50 B 104
C 0 M 89 Y 65 K 0
R 239 G 67 B 81
pure lavender
C 28 M 27 Y 0 K 0
R 180 G 178 B 217

The reimagining of the Inscripta corporate brandmark was inspired by DNA strands to evoke a feeling of digital technology and innovation, and the gradient of colors signifies directional growth and energy. The Onyx product brandmark was created to showcase technical advancement, and the overlapping of the letter O” signifies the many layers or possible libraries available with this instrument.


To represent the complex workings of Inscripta’s genome engineering, we used geometric shapes to build stroked linear icons. The color palette for Inscripta is strong, stable and on the darker side of the color spectrum to represent creativity, durability and leadership. Sofia Pro was selected as a typeface because it gives a sense of modernism and approachability.

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