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changing the cancer paradigm

GRAIL was founded with the singular mission: to detect cancer early, when it can be cured. They were ready to launch its flagship multi-cancer early detection test, Galleri, which has the ability to detect more than 50 types of cancer from a simple blood draw. GRAIL needed to create the brand messaging and develop compelling brand creative to activate a series of launch assets. With the immensity of the GRAIL brand promise, it was imperative the Galleri test launch match that vision. And we were up for the challenge.

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empowering proactive protection

Audacity began by establishing the foundational brand messaging and the brand voice, which strategically fueled the Galleri brand creative and built on the test’s simplicity and breadth. We extended the creative concept to speak to healthcare providers and patients, so that both audiences could recognize the value of this transformational test. And to ensure that information about the Galleri test could be easily consumed digitally, we strategically pulled through the creative concept and newly defined brand visuals to design a dedicated product website with direct user paths for all relevant audiences — patients, healthcare providers, and potential partners. Finally, custom photography was captured to enable visual brand ownership, with multiple print and digital assets, including a custom-shot live-action video and an animated explainer video.

bringing our A game

Gold winner of two MUSE Creative Awards

MUSE Design Site Bages Gold web
MUSE Creative Site Bages Gold web
MUSE Design Site Bages Gold web
MUSE Creative Site Bages Gold web

taking what ifs’ out of cancer

Cancer. It’s a scary word. But what if we found cancer early enough to make a difference? Multi-cancer early detection enables people to proactively seek information about cancer and their health. And the Galleri test enables us to find cancer early, when it can be cured. The emotional impact of the disease extends beyond the person who has it. And with humanistic imagery combined with an animated fade of​“What if” typography, we dared to pose the idea: What if, by using this test, you could take​‘what ifs’ out of cancer?


dedicated digital domains

The Galleri brand speaks to three primary audiences: patients, healthcare providers, and potential partners. Each audience has specific informational needs and different actions they can take, so the Galleri product site includes dedicated user sections that enable a seamless experience for all. With custom user flows and advanced functionality, the Galleri product website plays a critical role in the user journey from awareness through conversion for the Galleri test.


refined visuals for a revolutionary brand

Building on the existing brand logo and primary colors, we refreshed the brand visuals to bring additional lightness, warmth, and modernity. Audacity expanded the color pallet to include new secondary colors that complement the strong primary colors and gradient. In addition, we developed new iconography, typography, design elements, imagery direction, and other design features that elevated the brand and ensured that it appeals to consumers as well as professionals across all print and digital touch points.

Galleri logo
Galleri logo
CMYK: 48, 36, 0, 19
RGB: 107, 132, 206
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 75
RGB: 64, 64, 64
CMYK: 38, 43, 0, 45
RGB: 88, 80, 141
CMYK: 5, 8, 0, 33
RGB: 164, 158, 172
CMYK: 22, 11, 0, 16
RGB: 166, 190, 214
CMYK: 3, 3, 0, 7
RGB: 231, 231, 238
Brandguide 1
Brandguide 2
Brandguide 3
Brandguide 4
Brandguide 5
Brandguide 6
Brandguide 1
Brandguide 2
Brandguide 3
Brandguide 4
Brandguide 5
Brandguide 6


GRL501 Grail Galleri Icons Easy Testing R2 00 RGB
easy testing
GRL501 Grail Galleri Icons Report R2 00 RGB
GRL501 Grail Galleri Icons Time R2 00 RGB

bringing the Galleri brand to life

After establishing the creative direction, we activated this brand through multiple print and digital launch assets, including a custom-shot live-action video, an animated explainer video, patient brochure, healthcare provider brochure, patient and provider discussion guide, educational tools, direct patient mailer, and more.

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