there's a tooth sensor that tracks what you eat

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A tiny square sensor that you can be worn on the tooth has been developed by researchers at the Tufts University School of Engineering. This 2mm x 2mm sensor can detect the chemical composition of the food that you eat and transmit the detection information wirelessly to a mobile device.

It works in a similar way to wireless toll-collection devices on a toll road. When the sensor receives a radio frequency signal, it responds with a signal indicating the composition of the food eaten.

Right now, it measures sodium (salt), glocuse (sugar), and alcohol — all important things to monitor. In the future, it could be possible to use this sensor to not only detect chemicals in what you eat but also to measure chemical indicators in your body to determine your physiological state.

Before you run out to get one, you should know this tooth sensor is not on the market yet. But it may not be that far off. Plus, the technology that went into developing its ability to attach to the wet and bumpy surface of a tooth can also help in other applications, such as affixing similar devices to the skin or even clothing.

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