From cell to solution, we went back to basics to create a head-turning campaign

Big Idea
The Secret Ingredient to Healing? Your Patient.


Harnessing the power of a product to drive a brand


Nuo Therapeutics markets Aurix, a biodynamic hematogel for wound care that is developed using a patients’ own blood. 


To overhaul the look and feel of the current brand and develop a meaningful campaign that would differentiate Nuo Therapeutics and their flagship product, Aurix, as a pioneer in the wound care space. From tactical deliverables to website development, our task was to communicate the innovation and exciting potential of this product in a market saturated with competitors. 

Big Idea 

When we discovered the end product produced a golden hue, we capitalized on that essential design element to create a bold new look and feel. From patient-facing materials to provider instructions for use, we leveraged this new platform and story to communicate the exciting potential of a game-changing product in a saturated market with the concept of liquid gold. 


Nuo Therapeutics was ready to speak to patients in a salient and differentiated way, and to use their flagship product to change the landscape of wound care. Their new brand put forth a message of empowerment and healing that resonated and changed outcomes for people around the United States. The result was award-winning work. 

Why This Brand Matters

The battle to heal chronic wounds is often a long one. It takes patience, advanced technologies, and the right combination of empathy and physician oversight. Patients who experience chronic or non-healing wounds often feel shame and disenfranchisement. Through bringing new light and a new message to this wound care product, Nuo Therapeutics and Audacity Health sought to empower patients and jump-start the healing process for better outcomes and increased quality of life for millions of people.

Initial imagery and color palette

Where We Started

While Nuo’s technology was exciting and bold, the messaging and branding for the product failed to capture the excitement and innovation of the product. We started out by understanding the psychographic nature of wound care: physicians, patients, and research. We held an input session where key stakeholders within Nuo could share their ideas and insights. We stripped everything down to the nuts and bolts, and began to build a new brand, starting with a new name. 

Where We Landed

Audacity Health immediately saw the opportunity to re-frame the conversation around the product’s technology and potential. This wound care solution possessed a unique feature: It harnessed the patient’s own innate healing mechanisms. The product was a gel full of potent growth factors that produced a golden hue when mixed with a patient’s blood. We had discovered liquid gold — all we had to do was name it. 

Tapping into our golden theme, we came up with Aurix, based on the periodic symbol for gold, Au. 

With this aspect in mind, a powerful story emerged — one in which the patient was the secret ingredient to their own healing. With a new name and a new set of stunning visuals, we married the two with a campaign gleaned from patient and physician insights. 

Brand Standards

Brand Expression

The golden hue of the final product served as a creative launching point for brand expression. We paired this golden color with a unique wire-framed image of a man running. Designed with gold running through his veins conveyed not only a message of the autologous nature of the product, but produced an image of empowerment and singularity that separated Aurix from its sea of competitors. 

Package Design

Stylized Product Design

Capitalizing on the periodic roots of the name, we streamlined and simplified the packaging design of the main component of the product. 




Behavior-altering Ad Campaign

The nature of wound healing had classically relied on outside treatments for care. This campaign emphasized the power of the patient to heal themselves and positioned the product as easy, accessible, and simple. 


Design-driven Patient Materials

We created novel packaging and paired it with strong visuals that could be uniquely catered to different audiences. From veterans to the young and old, our patient products were designed to inspire and engage at every point of care. 

Office Artwork

By highlighting the wire man campaign in different poses, we expressed a sleek, athletic, powerful image for internal campaigns. 


Head-Turning Trade Show Materials

We created a story flow that was digestible in large visual formats and paired it with educations materials that communicated the complex science and the unique nature of the challenges that come with healing chronic wounds.


Impactful Website Design

We created a website that told the story of Aurix for both patients and physicians, and positioned the product as a natural, highly accessible, and disruptive technology that was ready to change the landscape of wound care. 

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