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empowering better care by disrupting CGP

Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx) is a cancer genomics company that creates clarity for patients and their clinicians and enables pathologists to offer best-in-class genomic testing in their own labs and maintain control of a rich feed of molecular data. Their mission is to empower personalized care by providing rapid precision oncology testing to all patients.

PGDx was expanding their offerings beyond their legacy biopharma services to include a wide array of kitted solutions for pathologists and oncologists. They needed a way to clearly articulate the benefits of enhanced patient care, data ownership, and potential financial opportunities that come with these new offerings. Audacity worked with PGDx to revitalize their corporate brand, develop the brand for and re-launch the first-ever FDA-approved kitted CGP solution, and craft a custom website.


far-reaching strategic segmentation

We worked with PGDx to evolve their corporate brand and devise a product strategy for elio tissue complete, which was tailored to US- and EU-based customers to ensure it resonated across both markets. We conducted global market research to refine lexicon, optimize positioning, and elevate creative. As a result of our efforts, PGDx successfully re-launched a new kitted solution internationally, and established a powerful corporate identity, which has continued after a successful acquisition by Labcorp in 2022.

big ideas

multiple audiences, multiple campaigns

As we worked with PGDx, it became clear that one single big idea would not be enough to reach the diverse needs and drives of their various audiences. We delivered a set of three concepts, each calibrated to speak to a different segment.

In anticipation of the re-launch of PGDx elio™ tissue complete, we used an ad showing how this new kitted solution can help pathologists and oncologists work better as a team in the fight against cancer.

For a concept with wide appeal that would emotionally resonate with multiple stakeholders, we employed a patient-focused concept that explained the benefits of using each patient’s unique biomarkers to elevate their quality of care.

Finally we used a mission-focused concept that conveyed the PGDx mission: scalable technology that can improve not just individual cancer care, but cancer care worldwide.

digital experience

custom website

PGDx needed a new web presence to help audiences understand their mission, in the United States and abroad. We designed, developed and launched a new website, leveraging their new corporate and product branding. The result was a compelling digital experience that helped visitors understand what they had to gain by either bringing CGP in-house, or working with PGDx as a trusted partner for their biopharma research.

campaign overview

serving the right ads to the right audiences

To support their launch, we built a variety of digital banners, crafted custom region-specific product landing pages, and leaned into high-impact industry placements such as AMP and AACR. We primarily targeted pathologists, with a secondary focus on oncologists, across the United States and Europe. Our high quality targeting and emotionally impactful ads paid off, as our campaign resulted in 171,028 website clicks at $0.16 CPC.

brand guide

we make a habit out of standing out

Putting this brand together involved delivering a large quantity of wide-ranging deliverables. To solidify the strong brand we built together, and ensure it retained momentum moving forward, we crafted a brand guide that contained everything we built and learned. This document not only contained branding guidance and best practices, but established an official audience-tested lexicon based off of the learnings from our campaign.

PGDx Blue
C 96 M 66 Y 30 K 11
R 9 G 86 B 126
Royal Blue
C 84 M 53 Y 0 K 0
R 35 G 113 B 187
C 70 M 15 Y 0 K 0
R 39 G 170 B 225
Light Blue
C 15 M 0 Y 0 K 0
R 212 G 239 B 252
C 1 M 12 Y 93 K 0
R 255 G 217 B 39
C 0 M 50 Y 99 K 0
R 247 G 147 B 30
Dark Orange
C 15 M 65 Y 100 K 3
R 207 G 111 B 28
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