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Website strategy + design + ongoing optimization.

developing a new web presence

BD Medmined needed a new dedicated website showcasing their cloud-based medical surveillance platform to gain commercial traction in the space. Leveraging initial messaging, Audacity was tasked with creating a compelling website to deliver the value of BD MedMined solutions to Infection Prevention and Pharmacy audiences in a compelling and relatable way.

  • analytics

  • strategy

  • creative


more than just software

Audacity dug deep to understand how BD MedMined solutions empower better patient care. Building on supplied technical content, we organized the information into intuitive user journeys for infection prevention, pharmacy, information technology, and executive audiences. We also created a compelling design concept that shaped the narrative around the human impact of medical surveillance with BD MedMined solutions.

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big idea

bringing it all together

Because it matters. Through the identification of at-risk patients, streamlined workflows for reporting, and the ability to advance insights with actionable analytics, BD MedMined solutions help you combat healthcare challenges by impacting patient lives and improving outcomes.

Because every infection matters.

Because every medication choice matters.

Because every patient outcome matters.

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ongoing optimization

To help make BD MedMined top-of-mind for medical surveillance solutions, we continued to optimize search engine performance and saw a 498% increase in traffic from the organic channel in the first 3 months from time of launch.