6 ways we saw brands stand out with OOH at JPM2023

By: Veronica Durando, Senior Brand Strategist

The annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference presents a unique opportunity for brands to make an impression on industry heavyweights and high-value stakeholders. However, with countless companies vying for the same eyes, it takes more than just showing up to stand out.

Many brands have prioritized digitally-dominant campaign strategies to support their conference presence. While there are advantages to this approach, performance can be stifled by rising rates of digital fatigue, and 99% of marketers see Out of Home (OOH) as the perfect counterbalance” to mitigate this issue. With the right OOH strategy in place, you can raise awareness, drive engagement, and improve brand equity for your brand. Conferences like JPM provide an even greater level of targeting, as you can be certain you’re reaching relevant decision-makers to keep your brand prominently positioned within the conversation.

We took to the streets during the conference to check out how healthcare brands were taking advantage of OOH at JPM. Read on for our thoughts on the various approaches we saw!

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