How We Repositioned A Healthcare Agency

From advanced strategy to bold visual expression

Big Idea
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Corporate Brand Refresh

Huntsworth Health, a dedicated division of the international communications consultancy group Huntsworth plc, is a group of eight best-in-class agencies offering branding, advertising, public relations and integrated communications for life science, healthcare and wellness brands worldwide.


A key member of the Huntsworth family, Huntsworth Health is the only brand that carries the same name as the parent company so it was high time this important group had its own identity. In this fast changing environment of healthcare and technology, Huntworth Health needed a fresh visual and verbal expression, one that positioned the brand as a category leader. The task was to identify what truly differentiated Huntsworth Health from other “agency networks” and realign the brand's expression in a way that was exciting and compelling.

Big Idea

We analyzed the competitive landscape and identified several key differentiators for Huntsworth Health. In addition to its global reach, scientific depth, and uncompromising communication and technology expertise, what truly sets the group apart is the collaboration among its partner agencies. Huntsworth Health agencies work together to build one “purpose driven team” that can offer holistic solutions for clients. Our strategy for this rebranding project was to realign the Huntsworth identity in a modern way that clearly communicated this message while igniting and inspiring action both internally among the agency brands and externally with clients and potential clients.


By reinforcing its power through partnership, the new Huntsworth Health brand positioning quickly shifted perceptions and behavior both internally and externally. While setting itself apart from other so called “agency networks” the simplified visual and verbal expression brought its own agencies into alignment and on board for future growth.


The truth is, no one else is doing what Huntsworth Health is doing. Typically customers are forced to choose either a single large, expensive agency that could cover all their needs or piece together smaller specialty agencies to meet a single need at a time. While other “agency networks” try to claim collaboration, in truth they compete against each other for the business. Huntsworth Health is different. The “purpose driven team” philosophy brings all the agency resources together to deliver the most comprehensive communication strategies, services and solutions for clients with one point of contact.


While we could see the intent of communicating connection through the touching boxes of the icon, the overall look and feel of the Huntsworth Health brandmark was out of date. Color choice, design and fonts did not emphasize the strength of the brand as a leader nor did they reinforce the group's depth and expertise in science and healthcare communications.



We don’t do wishy washy. Huntsworth Health came to us for a rebranding that was bold and innovative, yet simplified and identifiable. For the brandmark, we started with the hexagon, a recognizable scientific shape, to symbolize the foundation of the Huntsworth Health brand. The bold H represents both strength and category leadership, while the plus accentuates its depth in healthcare as well as agency collaboration. To extend its differentiation in this space, colors were carefully chosen to set the brand apart—gray to represent stability and science, green to represent growth. And the name was of course included to ensure clear identification of the brand.

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Visual Assets

Seamless Brand Extension

The signature of a true branding agency is its ability to stretch a brand’s expression across all touchpoints and ultimately deliver a holistic experience. The simplified look and feel of Huntsworth Health was extended to include typography, iconography, imagery, secondary colors, etc. then implemented across a spectrum of internal and external collateral. We leveraged the hexagon shape into some truly innovative pieces that would make an impact in the market. Finally we succinctly outlined the new brand standards in a guide that would ensure each element used in any context would emphasize the brand’s strength and did not dilute its impact.


Simplified Digital Experience

Let’s be real, a new brand expression is nothing without a kick-ass web experience. We took the simplified Huntsworth Health messaging, imagery and overall visual expression and translated it into an innovative, fully mobile friendly website. Every aspect was carefully selected and designed to ensure the most streamlined customer experience, from the single page layout to the smooth scrolling functionality. Even the domain name was shortened. While concisely telling the Huntsworth Health story, the depth of the site content provides a gateway to the agency brands, allowing clients to find exactly the right partner for their needs.


Captivating Advertising Campaign

There was a misconception in the marketplace that Huntsworth Health had to change— fast. Not only was it seen as merely a PR and medical communications company, but also the strength of collaboration among Huntsworth’s agencies was completely unknown. Developed around the idea of “Stronger Together” we created a clever ad concept using an image of birds flying in unison that ultimately created one larger, stronger bird. Paired with concise messaging that identified the problem customers face with disconnected agency experiences, the ad was distributed in key publications in the U.S. and the UK to quickly start shifting market perceptions.


Internal Brand Alignment

The only way this rebranding would work was if each of the eight agencies in the Huntsworth Health group got on board. To ensure internal alignment we developed a theme for the annual Huntsworth Health Global Leadership Meeting (GLM). Here over 200 agency executives were introduced to the “Plus Equals Us” concept through exciting and creative images and messaging, all tailored to energize the team and get them excited about their contribution toward strengthening the organization.


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Powerful motion graphics and video

The combination of sight and sound create an emotional connection to an audience that’s incomparable. To reinforce the idea of teamwork we introduced a powerful video at the GLM to energize the troops and bring the team together in an inspiring way. To build suspense and excitement we paired heart-pounding music with influential messages along with breathtaking images of skydiving that symbolized teamwork. The “Plus Equals Us” video highlights how complex things can be when operating as an individual, but when you work as a team exceptional results can happen.


Environmental Extension

A good brandmark is memorable and scalable across multiple platforms. When considering the Huntsworth Health brandmark, we ensured it would be eye catching and versatile enough to use at any size across any media. The clean and simplified shape was easily expanded into structural elements such as signage for the interior and exterior of the Huntsworth corporate offices.

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