How we revitalized a specialized oncology medical device brand

Sophisticated strategy drives stunning creative

big idea
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Corporate Brand Revitalization

While it was once the only company to offer this type of oncology medical device, competing companies began to offer similar devices and Company gradually lost its initial core differentiation. In addition, Company had broadened its portfolio of medical devices, yet these valuable offerings had not been clearly communicated to the market. As a result, the story and visual expression of Company were no longer true, differentiating or compelling.

Big Idea

A deep strategic approach was the only way to redefine the Company brand positioning in order to shift market perceptions and ultimately behaviors. Through our methodical “Brand Revitalization” solution, Audacity analyzed the brandscape internally and externally to identify the gaps and build a winning strategic positioning platform.

We identified where Company adds more value than the competition and leveraged that into powerful messaging and inspiring brand visual expressions that communicate the true Company brand. The “C” is a highly differentiating symbol that the brand now owns. It boldly expresses the confidence and assurance Company provides through its advanced oncology medical devices.


With this newly repositioned brand, Company is now geared up to reclaim leadership in the oncology medical device space. Every element—from brandmark to tagline to imagery to color and motion—now accurately reflects the company positioning and helps build brand equity.

Visual Assets


Branding is an experience that must be cohesive. Beyond the brandmark, we designed key brand identity and brand visual expression elements that faithfully express the new brand positioning in all its dimensions: colors, imagery, layouts, typography, motion and sounds.

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Engaging Web Experience

Let’s be real: no one reads web content in today’s age and most traffic comes from mobile devices. So, a traditional website had to be replaced by an engaging mobile friendly web experience. We developed a winning information architecture centered around the four key stakeholders, designed a UI that delivers just what is needed, when it is needed, and added advanced test search applications to simplify the visitors’ experience. All this with a completely mobile friendly approach. And in perfect alignment with the new brand positioning.



Beyond this critical digital touchpoint of the website, other tangible applications of the brand were important to address as well. We extended the brand concept to environmental elements such as tradeshows and vehicles. That’s where “brand identity scalability” matters.


Smart Product Branding and Content

All collateral was redesigned after we developed a strong product brand visual expression that could be leveraged across all digital and traditional touchpoints. The colored ribbons, for example, help quickly identify a disease area without the need to read. The result: a layout that is fresh and engaging. Mission accomplished.

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