How We Helped Launch A New Brand In Laparoscopic Surgery

streamlined engagement through
simplified storytelling


Medical Device Product Launch

A trusted player in medical device manufacturing, “Company” has been dedicated to addressing unmet needs in improving human healthcare for over 15 years. No additional information about “Company” can be shared to protect its confidentiality.


Single-site laparoscopic surgery is not widely adopted due to various drawbacks for patients and doctors. With its new Device 777 platform, “Company” has revolutionized this procedure by overcoming the key challenges of this specific surgical approach. To introduce its new technology and gain acceptance with surgeons, the company needed to shift market perceptions towards single-site surgery and build confidence in the clear advantages the Device 777 platform has to offer.

Big Idea

We crafted a simplified story and helped connect the device’s benefits to the entire healthcare ecosystem with an innovative web experience. To do this we started with eye-catching imagery, fun and interactive animations and precise messaging that immediately drew in the audience. With a single-page user experience, we took the visitors on a seamless journey through the challenges they face, the “device” difference, and finally the solid reputation “Company” offers. Utilizing responsive design technology, the website transfers seamlessly and beautifully to any device, to ensure an optimal experience on desktop, laptop, tablets and phones.


As a result of these strategies, “Company” has started to generate the awareness it needs to build its brand.


Birth of a Brandmark

A key element in branding the “device” was the development of a brandmark. We wanted to connect the “device” brand to the parent company while reinforcing the significant impact this groundbreaking product will have on laparoscopic surgery. We used a color palette similar to the “Company” corporate brandmark and incorporated a modern typeface to represent precision and innovation.


Seamless User Experience

We selected a single long page format to drive the visitors’ experience in the most logical and impactful way. This modern UI platform minimizes visitors’ clicks and keeps them engaged as they scroll through the product story.

Engaging Animation

While it’s tough to surprise a visitor in this day and age of fast evolving technology, we go the extra mile to do just that. Here, the user’s interaction with the page drives animations that create a dynamic interactive experience. As a user is scrolling down, certain elements become activated to draw their attention and add extra impact to the product story. In addition, we built in a parallax effect to create depth by applying different scrolling speeds between the foreground and the background of the page.

Dynamic Menu

To maximize the visual impact, the menu starts at the bottom of the page then moves up towards its permanent position once the visitor starts scrolling. Also, in an effort to highlight the “device” brand we created an animation that swaps the corporate “Company” brandmark with the product brandmark once the menu docks at the top and maintained that element throughout the page scroll. Click the video to see the transition in action.

Distinctive Artistry

Bridging the gap between design and engineering we found that by applying color and animation to a highly technical product we were able to create a visual experience that highlighted the beauty and innovation of the new technology with a unique aesthetic.

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