How we restored life to a leading diagnostics brand

turning back from a black-and-white world to brand truth

Big Idea
Move Healthcare Forward.

Beckman Coulter

A Refreshing Brand Refresh


Beckman Coulter makes biomedical laboratory instruments, as well as nearly everything it takes to run them. Its Diagnostics division specializes in products that advance and optimize the clinical laboratory. 


Though regarded as a world leader, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics was represented by visual imagery that harkened back to previous decades and — worse yet — suggested a cold, harsh attitude. All in all, it was trying too hard, and missing the mark. The division needed a visual identity that reflected the true reality of its brand: innovation, commitment, and compassion for humanity.


Beckman Coulter is a valuable partner in its industry, a force for good and an organization to be relied on. As such, we believed it should be represented as a good friend rather than an intimidating stranger. The brand’s visual identity was missing the life, warmth, and passion of both the people behind Beckman Coulter Diagnostics and the clinicians and patients who benefit from it. We would restore that life, warmth, and passion. 


By trading out cold, clinical black-and-white photography for warm, vibrant portraits of people engaged in the business of life, we created an accurate — and compelling — illustration of a modern, multi-faceted diagnostics company that is working to advance healthcare for everyone. Adding more color to the black/gray/red palette added vibrancy. Incorporating the use of subtle, but clever illustrations and graphic devices ensured a 21st century sensibility and sophistication. The change was immediately and keenly felt. Our client reported a notable uptick in employee pride and energy, as well as colleagues demonstrating new excitement about how Beckman Coulter Diagnostics is perceived in the marketplace. 

Why This Brand Matters

With more than 80 years in business, Beckman Coulter is an industry leader helping to advance healthcare on seven continents. Its customers around the world are engaged in the critical work of diagnosing diseases, making treatment decisions, and monitoring patient health to impact millions of lives on a daily basis.

Initial imagery and color palette

Where We Started

The starting point was the dated, dull, dark place defined by the black-and-white photography. Bright red accents added an element of alarm. We needed a palette that was more human and more welcoming. We needed to broadcast Beckman Coulter intelligence and goodwill more clearly. Our objective was to depict an organization of inspiring human beings working for other human beings, rather than a cold, industrial giant striving to impress. 

BC Expert
Lab Technician
Patient & Doctor
Lab Director
Working with every customer to deliver innovative, reliable and efficient diagnostic solutions for patients across the globe.

Where We Landed

Nearly every aspect of the Beckman Coulter Diagnostics visual identity was in play as we considered the brand refresh. The only thing that did not ultimately change was the corporate brand mark. At the center of it all is the new attitude, one that is warm and light, bright and fresh. One that welcomes and inspires. And no one was overlooked in the process. All stakeholders, internal and external, were considered and are represented because all are part of the Beckman Coulter Diagnostics offering and experience. 

Brand Standards

Brand Extension

A brand refresh is a systematic evaluation of every level and point of brand expression. That’s what we did for Beckman Coulter Diagnostics. Across media, platforms and channels, every manifestation of the Beckman Coulter Diagnostics brand was updated, revised, or reimagined to represent the new, reenergized, rehumanized branding.

Print Advertising

Behavior Altering Campaign

Three complementary concepts are the foundation for the three key product-marketing efforts that first gave life to the Beckman Counter Diagnostics brand refresh. While each is unique, each relies on the new, expanded color palette, the new illustrations, and the new design flourishes, and so appears as a part of the larger whole. 

The AU5800 Chemistry Analyzer Campaign

Our Equalizer concept invites customers and prospects to turn up the volume, but we do it first, with vibrant color and clean, orderly design that commands attention. 

The Power Express
Automation System Campaign

Our Cogs concept suggests seamless, endless efficiency for the modern laboratory. It just works.

The Smart IT Solutions Campaign

Our Connected Brain concept leverages color once again to represent the multiple and varied “intelligences” that unite to form Beckman Coulter Diagnostics’ IT solutions. 

Digital Advertising


Even within its Diagnostics division, Beckman Coulter is a large organization with numerous offerings. Several product managers were eager to launch eMarketing campaigns. With the refreshed branding in mind, we wanted to create the right foundation for the effort. That meant concepts that displayed a family feel yet also were able to support a life of their own. The reimagined brand elements provided all the necessary tools for developing multiple iterations, each of which is fresh, compelling, and unique.


Designing microsites that both unite and distinguish

Various entities within the Beckman Coulter Diagnostics division had marched to different drummers before we were invited to refresh the brand look and restore order to marketing efforts. We built a shared home page where they might all live together online happily. That page leads to three product-specific landing pages for three product-specific microsites. These are as alike as they should be for the brand, and as distinct as they need to be for the product. Finally, all the pages are fully responsive to perform optimally on any device. 

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